-Summer Of ’69-

No. Summer of ’16. The weather is so unpredictable here in good ol’ Florida. One day it’s filled with sunshine and butterflies, the next, with rain and thunder. But I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Here I am surrounded by beaches, theme parks, springs, nature trails, and so much more.

Pining for more days like this. ūüććūüďł:SB

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 Every year, start of summer, we hit the springs. My friends and I gathered at Ichetucknee Springs this year.

Tubing like a bunch of lazy homo sapiens we are. The water was just right at it’s 72¬įF. Coolin’ us from the 80¬į and climbing weather.

Enjoy life while you can,

Jennie N.


-Purple Flowers-

Try as I may I can’t help but to stop and enjoy nature and its beauty.


Taken by Sarah B.

We made a U-turn and everything just to enjoy these beauty.

Sadly, when I came back days later, the flowers were no longer there. Life.

Jennie N.

Weekly Photo

My friend and I decided that we should just go for a drive. To nowhere. At first, we were only making turns when we could no longer go straight, then we decided to turn when the scenery looked nice.

And we ended up here. Here being a very vague term. Here because we weren’t too sure where we were. But here sure was beautiful.

Jennie N.



Patches of Sunshine

Lately nature has just been calling me. My camera, friends, and I just go wherever the wind takes us. Wherever it wants to leads us.


On our way to Trenton we saw a pasture of yellow flowers calling our name. We had to pull over.


Thank God for nature and friendships.


Jennie N.

-Weekly Photo-


UF Bat Houses

My friend, Eddy, came into town and I thought it was finally time to visit the bat houses. It definitely smelt bad, but when the bats finally came out it was an amazing sight. There were so many of ’em.

But be forewarned! Beware of droppings.

Jennie N.

| Skydiving

Went skydiving for the very first time today and it felt amazing!! ūüôā __

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“When was the last time you did something for the very first time?”

On June 5th, I went skydiving for the very first time. ¬†At first I was hesitant and scared, but when it ¬†was time to jump off the plane, I was excited to go. ¬†The feeling when you first jump off the plane was amazing. ¬†As you begin to free fall, you feel as though you are on top of the world. ¬† The view looks beautiful from where you are and the air is refreshing. ¬†You just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. ¬† It’s one of the best feeling, as if you are flying.

We are all alive, but many of us do not live.  Sometimes in life you just have to take chances, take risks, and conquer.   Do what makes you happy and forget what others say.  Your live, your choices.  Your mistakes, your lessons, your experiences.



If there comes a time
When you have to choose
Between her and me
For if you have loved me
To begin with
And as much as it hurts me
I’ll¬†let you go
 you happiness
Break my own heart
Take time to heal and move forward

Let you go || © Loan N. 

When you love someone so much and give them everything, letting go it one of the hardest and most painful feeling. ¬†However, by holding on, you only hurt¬†yourself and make things worse. ¬†If someone choses another over you, leave them, and¬†wish them¬†happiness. ¬†Clearly, they just told you that they don’t love you. ¬†They are saving you the pain in the future, so thank them for doing it now, rather than later. ¬†Free yourself from¬†the pain and move forward. ¬†


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Love is undefined
But if you ask me what love is
I would simply write down your name
For you are who I love
What love should be about
How I came to understand
The meaning of forever
When love is real
Why home feels so incomplete without you
For home is where you are
Your very own existence justifies
The definition of love

Definition || Loan N.



Photocredit:  TwoTwentyPhotos

All my life I have wanted to wanderlust and travel the world. ¬†I wanted to see and experience new things but never got the chance to do it. ¬†It was either my friends couldn’t make it or my parents were against it. ¬†As I grew older, my desire to travel grew and last year, I took a leap of courage and booked a flight to Hawaii without my parents knowing. ¬†It was one of the most spontaneous thing I have ever done in my life; and I have no regrets.

When it was close to my departure, I told my parents and they were very against it.  However, I had everything planned and told them what I was going to do, and I was capable of taking care of myself.  They were very worried when I left for Hawaii by myself but I showed them I was independent and responsible.  Traveling to Hawaii was one of the most memorable and unforgettable trip.

Never be afraid to try new things and do what you love. ¬†Don’t just be alive, live your life and enjoy every minute of it. ¬†Learn and grow from your experiences and make it count.

Loan N.

-Weekly Photo-

Been kind of MIA – missing in action – for awhile. Sorry to my 5 fans. My workload increased. I had been scheduled more often. But I’m back. At least for a little while.

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Paynes Prairie Observatory 
10 out of 10 would recommend. The stars at night are absolutely stunning. They are no street lights to distract you from the beautiful night skies.
Bring along a friend, blankets, and hot cocoa.