Making Chicken Pot Pie.


  • Pre-made Pie Crust
  • Chicken Breast
  • Can of Family Size Cream of Chicken
  • Bag of Frozen Vegetable
  • A Handful of Spices

I honestly don’t know how to bake, but I was feeling some chicken pot pie. Let’s see how it turns out.

First, I preheated the oven to 450 degrees.

Then, I cut the chicken into cubes and season it with the usual, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cajun season, and chili powder. Stir on the pan until golden brown. Cause I like my meat fully cooked!

As always, my motto is minimum effort from Jen so I bought pre-made pie crust, frozen vegetables, and pre-made cream sauce filling.

While I’m cooking the chicken, I microwave the frozen vegetables. The instructions are on the bag. 😀

I spray my pie pan [I don’t know if it’s recommended but I did.] and lay the bottom crust down.

I preceded to heat up the Cream of Chicken in a pan. Then added the cooked chicken and mixed veggies in the mix. Added more random spices I had laying around.

Poured the mixture into the pie pan. Then laid the top layer of crust down and sealed the edges.

I cut slits into the top crust before sliding it into the over to bake for 30 minutes.

THE PIE TURNED OUT AMAZING! I was surprised. I never made chicken pot pie with Cream of Chick before. I usually make it from scratch. The pie came out better than my expectations.

You can now call me a Professional Chicken Pot Pie Baker!

Baking For Days,

Jennie N.


-Baking Like A Pro-

So. Baking from scratch is a challenge. Fun. But a challenge. I took a trip up to Tallahassee to visit my best friend, Katelynn. She moved up there after she married A.J. who attends FSU.

We decided we wanted to bake a carrot cake from scratch. She told her dad and he thought we were crazy. He said it’d be cheaper if we just bought a cake. True. But it’s not as fun and there’s no bonding aspect in buying a cake. The recipe was pretty simple but I think the two of us made it harder than necessary.

I blame Katelynn and A.J. for not having a proper grater. It took us forever to shred the carrots into fine enough strips. I think that was part of the fun. Let’s say normally it would take us five minutes to grate some carrots. It took us twenty.

Photo on 2013-01-12 at 19.56After we got all the carrots we needed grated, it was pretty simple from there on out. Basically, the ingredients were eggs, flour, oil, sugar, carrots, vanilla extract, baking soda, ground cinnamon, and salt. You may add other things to it if you want but that’s personal preference. By the end of it, the kitchen was a terrible mess, but the cake turned out delicious. I wish I had a photo of the final product, but sadly, I don’t.

Moral of the story: own a professional grater, not one from the dollar section.

Baking with love,

Jennie N.