Loyal People

One of the worst feelings one can experience is
being betrayed by the one they love.
It is so sad to see so many loyal men and women
getting hurt by those whom they have been faithful to
just to be betrayed by them.
Loyalty is rare and hard to find;
and those who push and throw away 
the people who are loyal to them
will one day regret about their choices and decisions.
Regret letting the one person who
truly love and care for them go.

The thing about people who are loyal is that they only know how to love and see only one person.   Not caring about who else wants them, but the person they love.  And when they are betrayed, the pain they feel in there heart is excruciating.  They will blame themselves, wondering what they did wrong.  Start to think that they are less worthy.  Think that it was their fault.  When in actuality it is not them.  It is just that the other person have not yet found themselves; still confused on what they want.  Too scared to accept a love so true, so intensely that they run away.  Until they truly start to understand the true meaning of love and loyalty will they start to value it.  And then regret about hurting the one person who loves them so deeply and intensely.

– Loan N.


-Spend Time: With Yourself-

Don’t be afraid to do things alone. You don’t need someone to accompany you everywhere you go. Every so often you need to take breather and just be by yourself. Don’t get me wrong, hanging out with friends and family is great.
But there are days when being alone is acceptable. Especially if you’ve been at work all day, being around a ton of people. Giving orders, taking orders. This past week, for example, I worked the whole week. Either babysitting or supervising, both equally exhausting in different ways. The one chance I got offered, a free day, I took it. Take that as a sign. There’s many things you can do alone.
  • Go see a movie. Sometimes I love going to movies alone more than I do with people. [Unless of course everyone likes the movie you’re going to see.] Picking movies that everyone wants to go see is sometimes complicated. Or if it’s appropriate for everyone in your group to see. Or that one friend who likes to comment during the whole movie. There is no one to accommodate too. No one to judge you on your choice of movie. There’s this two dollar movie theater in town that I frequent every so often. It’s pretty nice.
  • Eat. Don’t afraid to go eat alone. There’s no one judging you. Only yourself. Many people eat alone. There’s nothing wrong with that. When you eat alone there’s no one there to rush you to eat faster. You can eat as slow as you want. I love going to the local Waffle House because everyone there is so friendly (plus my friend, Shaun, works there). Bring a book if you feel that weirded out, but there are so many interesting people that enter that Waffle House that you won’t even have time to read. Especially at 2 in the morning. Just saying.
  • Studying/reading/working. I lovvvvvve studying or planning my lesson plans alone. Especially alone but in public. I know. That’s weird. I like noise. Local small coffee joints are the best. Sometimes though I go to bookstores and study in their little coffee shop. I love the smell of new books and I can read books while I’m there without having to buy ‘em. (Right now, I’m reading The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind.) 
  • Explorin’. Hiking. There’s this small zoo in Gainesville at the local college. When I say small, I mean tiny. But I love animals and supporting their cause so I go there often too. Biking down trails is fun too. Except this year I am bikeless. <— not a real word guys. What I love about Gainesville is that they have so many wildlife and trails to hike. I usually bring studying materials or books along with me. There’s always a nice spot along the way where you can sit and relax.
  • Mini road trips. Obviously, you would have to have a car for this. I like going to little towns near by and explore. They usually have fun antique stores. Once I found a violin for real cheap. Missed our chance of becoming a well-known violinist by not buying it. Vintage clothing. Those are fun too. Have a dress up party, of 1.
Day with myself,
Jennie N.

-Night Adventures-

I remember the night being extremely cold. Seth, Sarah, and I were hanging out like any usual night. We were walking around campus when we happen upon people hanging out flyers. The flyers were for a bonfire fundraising event for the church. Being the adventurers we are, we said what the hay.

IMG_5800Not anticipating the drive was going to be around a half an hour, Seth fell asleep. When we got closer, Seth woke up right as the GPS told us to go off road down a dirt road. We look at each other, suspiciously. Wondering if we should keep going. We did. There were no street lights. No porch lights. It was all head lights.

Further and further we got, we got more anxious and a little thrilled. The GPS decided to lose signal sometime down the unforeseen path. This is where most people should turn around in horror movies, but we kept on going. Finally, we saw a bunch of parked cars in the middle of a random field.

We finally made it. There was a gigantic bonfire on the other side of the field. Bumped into plenty of people we knew. Got to go on a creepy, dark hay ride into another field. Ate tons of food. Donated to the church. Made s’mores.

All in all, it was a good night.

Jennie N.

Worth Loving

She knew she would hurt herself
Putting his broken pieces back together
But she didn’t care
For what’s worth having never comes easily
And love doesn’t come easily
So the harder it was to love someone like him
The harder she loved him
For he was worthy of being love
With every broken pieces

Worth Loving || © Loan N.

-Orange and Blue-

School spirit. It’s everywhere. Especially, football games. In specific, college football games. People come from all over to enjoy Saturdays together. Whether watching it at home or at the stadiums themselves. For example, this past Saturday, the Gators started off kind of rocky. But no matter what the fans cheered. Whether they win or lose the fans will always be there to support the players. I love that about the games. I’m not a big sports fan myself, but being there. Surrounded by the vibe. It pulls you in. The love of the game. The players. The orange and blue. Each other. No matter what their race, their religion, their beliefs. They come together every Saturday to support their teams. That’s what I love about football Saturday.

Come join me at the games,

Jennie N.


never wanted to let you go.
wanted to hold onto you forever.
But my heart has gone tired and wary.
It’s been played with, damaged, and broken.
My heart is dead.  There is no longer lifeline.
No longer a pulse.  Just a flatline.

Flatline || © Loan N. 

I never wanted to give up on us.
I wanted to fight the odds and make it through.
I wanted it so badly.  I wanted you, and only you.  I was loyal.
I gave you everything I had.  But I guess it wasn’t good enough.
I cared too much.  I love too deeply.
And in the end, it was the death of me.
For loving you so fiercely and intensely.


Your pain, let me bear it
and make it mine.
Let me set you free.
Let me embrace you and melt away
the sufferings you have endured.
Let me be the stars to guide you to a place
with no sufferings and pain.
A place where love never ends;
a place call

Home || © Loan N.

Can I be that place where your heart yearns
every time you are away from it? 
Can I be your home?

-A+ Sales Rep-

You know the random stands in the mall with people hassling you to try this and smell that? Well while my friend, T, and I were at the mall, one of those sales personnel came up and handed out flyers. I always try to take a flyer or sample whenever someone is handing them out because I have been there in their shoes before. This particular sale rep was slick. I was pretty impress.

As T and I were walking past his booth, he handed me a flyer that said 50% off of their product. I took it and kept on walking. As I was walking away, he states, “Oh, I forgot to put my name on it.” My reaction was to turn around and hand him back the flyer. Then, he starts talking to me and tells me his name. He asked me if I ever heard of his product and I said no. He starts walking over to his product and it finally clicked. That was how he was pulling them in. I applauded him right then and there. If I could, I would have hired him there on the spot.

In the end, I weaseled my way out to of sampling the product. Point Is: Antonio, you are amazing.

You made my day,

Jennie N.

A Little Story

My parents are from Vietnam and they reminisce about their past by telling me tales of the olden days. Well, everyone knows the beach is surrounded by all sorts of bird. Seagulls. Pelicans. All that. Anyways, my family were chilling by the picnic area of the beach and I was feeding the birds bread crumbs on a bench nearby. My mom comes over to me and sits down next to me. She goes on to tell me a story.

IMG_2152In Vietnam, there are a lot of people who can’t afford to put food on the table for the family. Birds are a rare sight to see hanging around your picnic area nevertheless feeding them. Some people over there would kill them, bring ’em home, and cook them for dinner.

When she first came to America she tried to lure the birds into the car. She left a food trail leading to the car starting from where the birds were. If I recall correctly, she said that she succeeded but her uncle told her to let them go.

I chuckled. Not because she got caught. I laughed because I could actually see my mother doing something like this. That was so typical of her.

Some people shoot birds, while others reel them in.

Happy Friday,

Jennie N.