Making Chicken Pot Pie.


  • Pre-made Pie Crust
  • Chicken Breast
  • Can of Family Size Cream of Chicken
  • Bag of Frozen Vegetable
  • A Handful of Spices

I honestly don’t know how to bake, but I was feeling some chicken pot pie. Let’s see how it turns out.

First, I preheated the oven to 450 degrees.

Then, I cut the chicken into cubes and season it with the usual, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cajun season, and chili powder. Stir on the pan until golden brown. Cause I like my meat fully cooked!

As always, my motto is minimum effort from Jen so I bought pre-made pie crust, frozen vegetables, and pre-made cream sauce filling.

While I’m cooking the chicken, I microwave the frozen vegetables. The instructions are on the bag. 😀

I spray my pie pan [I don’t know if it’s recommended but I did.] and lay the bottom crust down.

I preceded to heat up the Cream of Chicken in a pan. Then added the cooked chicken and mixed veggies in the mix. Added more random spices I had laying around.

Poured the mixture into the pie pan. Then laid the top layer of crust down and sealed the edges.

I cut slits into the top crust before sliding it into the over to bake for 30 minutes.

THE PIE TURNED OUT AMAZING! I was surprised. I never made chicken pot pie with Cream of Chick before. I usually make it from scratch. The pie came out better than my expectations.

You can now call me a Professional Chicken Pot Pie Baker!

Baking For Days,

Jennie N.


Halloween 2k16

Dress up? Not often you get to play dress up when you’re an adult and Halloween is one the times you can do it! Dress up! Don’t be in the mindset that you’re too old to play dress up. BECAUSE you’re not. I love being a little kid every chance I get and this is a great opportunity for my friends and I to get imaginative.
This year I decided to go as Batman for one get together and Patrick Star for another. If you don’t know who Patrick Star is, he’s a character from a Nickelodeon tv show called SpongeBob Squarepants. I made most of the Patrick Star costume from scratch.
What was awesome was that I even met other people dressed as different characters from the show.

Barnicle Boy and Mermaid Man


My friends

Halloween 2k16 was a blast,
Jennie N.

My Best Friend is Married!


Sarah is one of my closest friend. I would even go as far as calling her one of my best friend.

Sean and Sarah (which from now on if I mention both of them they will be referred to as S&S) have been through a lot together and I was very happy to be part of their wonderful day. S&S had a shorter time period to plan their wedding because Sean had to leave for basic training within a couple of months.

Sarah and I hit multiple places to find a perfect wedding dress. In St. Augustine, our first stop, we came close to finding it. But when we looked at the price tag, she was disappointed. It was out of their price ranges. This continued to be the common occurrence at the next few places we went to.

img_0377Finally, one day we hit up David’s Bridal on the annual sale day (by pure luck). We narrowed it down to two dresses. But she definitely fell in love with one over the other. It being $99 might have factored into it. Sarah also really loved the veil that she tried on. It matched the dress to the t. (I found my bridesmaid dress on amazon.)

img_0357The church and the reception hall was lovely. Our mutual friend, Gloria, and I drove up earlier to help everyone set up for the wedding and being as I was the maid of honor also played a deal in that. We set up the reception hall within hours before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Then came the big day. We woke up early. Morgan got us all breakfast while we got ready. Wedding between S&S was beautiful. I was beyond ecstatic for my best friend!

Side Story: The church was by the beach so a few of us hit the beach after the wedding.


Jennie N.

P.S. Morgan was an amazing photographer. She took all these amazing pictures.

P.S.S. Pokemon Go also came out during her wedding weekend. We were obsessed. img_0391

Truck Yeah

You know the one upside about getting hit by a bus?



So let me just start at the beginning so you get how the best two and a half weeks came about.

My cousin came up to Gainesville to visit her friends for a birthday so I planned to take her to the batting cage. I woke up earlier than I had all summer to pick her behind up. She was staying on campus at her friend’s dorm. We hadn’t even pulled out of the parking lot yet as a bus turned in and smashed into my back bumper. Not any old bus. Not even the UF school bus. [Also known as the RTS] An Alachua coimg_1499unty school bus.

My cousin and I just turned and look at each other for a good ten second and then burst out laughing. Side Note: Back when I was in high school, my car also get damaged because I was with her.

Did all the usual stuff. Called the popo [police]. Got a police report. Went home called my insurance. Called their insurance – through the school board which is located in Tallahassee (was a real hassle until I got the right number). Got quotes on the damages.

At first, I wasn’t going to get a rental car but then I got the estimate and they said I had to leave the car in the shop for about a week. I had work so I couldn’t do that so I contacted the school board again and they were on point. They got me a rental the day I turned my car into the shop.

Enterprise came and picked me up at Toyota. When I got there, there was a lot of paperwork to fill out for a new car and they had a situation where a guy couldn’t come pick up his truck. The manager asked if anyone wanted a truck and the wait time would not be so long. AND OF COURSE I GRABBED THAT DEAL! I have always wanted a truck but I can’t afford one just yet. And just as the manager said, right after I said yes, all I had to do was signed my name for the truck and they sent the bill to the board.


The truck was everything I asked for. My friends made me drive everywhere because it was that amazing. We took it everywhere. To the springs. Even the shortest distance – the mailbox. I even looked up the price for one of those trucks. I’ll own one one day. When the week was about to end, I called the shop and they said it was actually going to take them longer because once they took the whole trunk apart they noticed damages that they couldn’t see before. They emailed me the new estimate and I got in contact with the school board again. They extended the rental again. It was beautiful.


But eventually every good thing must come to an end. The day to finally turn the truck back in was a sad day for me. That day, a couple of my friends and I took it for a drive. We drove to the next town over and just had a blast.

There was one downside to the truck though. It was SOOOOO MASSIVE that parking it in Gainesville’s narrow parking spots were crazy.


Truck Yeah,

Jennie Ngo

p.s. I don’t think we took enough pictures of the truck. 😀

First Time Kayaking

WOW. It’s was my first time going kayaking. As you can tell from the title. Right afterwards I wanted to go out and buy a kayak. If only I had a car where I can easily transport it. img_9785

My roommate and I were one of the only ones in town during the break so we decided we should do something fun. So I was browsing on Groupon. While cruising through the pages, I saw there was a kayaking trip for only $25 for two people. A half a day kayaking trip. (4 hours) I texted her and she was super excited so I went ahead and booked the trip.
The trip was along the Santa Fe River. There were two different route. We decided to take the route with the most springs because we could hit the springs on the way down the river. (Do you think I said springs enough? No? Me either.)

img_9839We picked one of the hottest days to go (personal opinion). The sun was so bright over our heads but the scenery was beautiful. We took breaks every so often and just floated down the river. I wished I had brought a book along because it was so peaceful.


I would 100% recommend it to anyone who enjoys being outdoors and active. Active being a key factor because the days after we were super sore. But it was also our first time so muscles haven’t built up there yet.

Definitely would recommend,

Jennie N.


IMG_20160706_222234.jpg Hawaii is truly beautiful.  The sunsets are breathtaking.  People are friendly and kind. The poke bowls are deliciously made, and the beach is just lovely.

I am utterly in love with this place ❤

– Loan N.


I wonder when this will end; people being so judgmental of others without knowing a person and who they are.  It irks me when a person says such negative things about someone based on their outer appearance.  Someone can have tattoos all over their body and can be the nicest person you’ve ever met.  Someone who looks decent can be the worst one yet.  Oh she is fat, she must be lazy.  Oh he wears a hoodie and looks shady, he must be a gangster or worst a killer.  Don’t judge someone just based off their appearance, get to know them a little and then judge for yourself.  You don’t know what their story is.  Be kind.  Be generous.  Don’t be judgmental.  Be openminded.


Loan N.

-Traveling on a Boat-

Cruises. One price for food, living situation, and so much entertainment. Traveling with family can be stressful, but not this time. We hit so many different destination. We escaped for a whole week. 7 days absent from work. 7 days of fun in the sun.

The first port we stopped at was St. Thomas.

The Waterfront was beautiful. But a storm was fast approaching.

Second stop was San Juan. The streets were so narrow and hilly. Most people only traveled by cars. We were going to rent mopeds but they told us it wasn’t really safe to travel by those two wheel transportation. San Juan was colorful.

Streets of San Juan.

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Last stop was the Bahamas. We decided to take a tour around the town.

Safe Travels,

Jennie N.


Weekly Photo

Back to Tennessee we went. The mountains call to us. I could picture myself living in a place with such beauty. Such calmness.


The Great Smoky Mountains. I’ll be back. Back for a much longer period of time.

Jennie N.